Benefits Of Fruit

Is fruit important to a healthy lifestyle?


Fruit provides healthy benefits. People who eat  fruits and vegetables regularly are less likely to have some chronic diseases. Fruits also provide nutrients essential for the health and maintenance of your body.

  • A diet rich in vegetables and fruits may reduce risk for heart disease, including heart attack and stroke.
  • A diet rich in some vegetables and fruits may protect against certain types of cancers.
  • Fruits and vegetables high in potassium may lower blood pressure, and may also reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and help to decrease bone loss.
  • Fruits can help reduce calorie intake when used as a replacement for processed snacks.
  • No fruits contain cholesterol and most fruits are low in fat, sodium, and calories.
  • Fruits contain many essential nutrients like potassium and vitamin C.
  • Diets rich in potassium may aid in maintaining good levels of blood pressure. 

Benefits Of Sugarcane

Scientific Name – Saccharum officinarum

Belonging to a grass family, sugarcane is easy to grow and has become a part of the crop production of more than half of the world, including Asia and America.

Why Sugarcane Juice Is Absolutely Amazing

Benefits To Skin

Cures Acne
Protects Your Skin From Aging

Health Benefits

Instant Energy Booster
Ensures Safe Pregnancy
Prevents Bad Breath And Tooth Decay
Facilitates Development Of Bones And Teeth
Cures Febrile Disorders
Aids Liver Functioning
Acts As A Digestive Tonic
Combats Cancer

Aids People Suffering From Diabetes
Treats Sore Throat
Heals Wounds
Strengthens Body Organs
Prevents DNA Damage
Aids Weight Loss
Eliminates Toxins From Our Body
Beneficial In Treating UTI
Good For Nail Health
Increases Muscle Power
Reduces Fever
Treats Acidity
Boosts Immunity

Benefits Of Coconut

  1. Supports immune system.
  2. Provides quick energy naturally.
  3. Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  4. Improves insulin secretion and symptoms associated with diabetes.
  5. Helps protect the body from cancers due to insulin reduction.
  6. Helps remove free radicals that cause premature aging and degenerative diseases.
  7. Reduces risk of heart health and improves good cholesterol (HDL).
  8. Supports good thyroid function
  9. Supports kidney and bladder against infections.
  10. Promotes weight loss.
  11. Good for skin and hair. Helps prevent the signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots.

Benefits Of Pineapple

  1. High in Bromelain for anti inflammatory benefits .
  2. Anticancer agent to suppress cancer cells.
  3. Heart healthy benefits of vitamin C that supports eyes and heart.
  4. Cataract prevention. High levels of vitamin C are known to reduce the risks of cataracts.
  5. Fertility. The high level of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, beta carotene, copper, zinc, and folate can aid in fertility issues in both men and women.
  6. Beta Carotene. High levels of Beta Carotene may reduce the risk of asthma when exercising.
  7.  Osteoarthritis. High levels of Bromelain can  be helpful in the treatment of osteoarthritis.
  8. High levels of Manganese. So many people are deficient in Manganese so Pineapple is an excellent source to increase your intake that will help free radicals.

Benefits Of Strawberries

  1. Improves immune system due to high amounts of vitamin C.
  2. Lowers blood pressure due the high levels of potassium.
  3. The antioxidants in strawberries can help detoxify the body and reduce inflammation.
  4.  Strawberries contain flavonoids which have the power to fight cancer and oxidative stress.
  5. Flavonoids and phenolic phytochemicals in strawberries can reduce the risk of age-related vision problems. 
  6. Strawberries have a  low glycemic index (for fruit) so they don’t cause extreme spikes in blood sugar after consuming.
  7. The bounty of antioxidants in strawberries provides  protection against stroke by preventing the formation of blood clots. 

Benefits Of Mango

  1. The antioxidant zeaxanthin, found in mangoes, filters out harmful blue light rays and can beneficial in eye health.
  2. Reduces the risk of asthma due to the high levels of Beta- Carotene.
  3. The rich in Beta-Carotene mango can also play a role in protecting against prostate cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer, according to some studies.
  4. The high level of vitamin K in mangos can support calcium absorption, for good  bone health.
  5. Mangoes with their high water content can help with constipation and promote a  healthy digestive tract.
  6. Potassium and other  vitamins in mangoes can help ward off heart disease.
  7. Mangoes are good for your hair due to the  vitamin A. Vitamin A is also essential for the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin and hair. Vitamin A will also aid in building and maintenance of collagen for healthy younger looking skin and hair.

Benefits Of Kumquat

  1. Supports good digestion.
  2. Control Diabetes-Flavonoid extracts in kumquats were found to lower the blood lipid levels.
  3. Boosts Immune System-Kumquats benefit the immune system in a number of ways especially with large amounts of vitamin C, like oranges!
  4. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, kumquats are great for protecting the skin from the cancerous effects of the sun.
  5. Kumquats are a rich source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which translates to good eye health and good vision.
  6. The high content of calcium in Kumquats helps to support good  bones health long term.
  7. Kumquats are rich in good carbohydrates. They support the replenishment of the body’s energy reserves in the most natural way, unlike starchy carbs like bread.
  8. Kumquats are high in  water, and carbs, and are low in calories which makes them an ideal food for people trying to lose weight. They will fill you up and keep you feeling full.

Benefits Of Pennywort

  1. Pennywort is great for improving memory and considered to be good food for the brain. Studies show that consuming 2-4 raw pennywort leaves each day could rejuvenate the brain.
  2. Pennywort can aid in getting a good night’s sleep.  It works to relax the mind and can aid in some disorders like senility, strokes, ADD, and epilepsy. 
  3. Pennywort can help protect the immune system from High blood pressure, heart failure, venereal diseases, urinary tract infections and more. 
  4. Studies show Pennywort is beneficial in healing and preventing phlebitis, leg cramps, and blood clots and reducing the appearance of varicose veins. 
  5. Pennywort can produce side effects in some people and should only be taken under the advice of your doctor. 

Benefits Of Passion Fruit

  1. Passion fruit is high in vitamin A and vitamin C.  Good for skin, vision and the immune system.
  2. High in antioxidents which are an essential in keeping the systems of the body healthy. Studies show that  antioxidants improve blood flow, which benefits the brain and nervous system.
  3. Passion fruit is another fruit with a  low glycemic index which means it does not cause a steep increase in blood sugar after eating it. Passion fruit would be a good fruit choice for those with diabetes
  4. Studies show that an element in passion fruit seeds may be able to improve insulin sensitivity. This can help reduce the risk of many diseases, including diabetes.

Benefits Of Watermelon

  1. Watermelon is 92% water! So great for hydration. 
  2. Watermelon is one of the lowest calories fruits…just 46 calories per cup.
  3. High in antioxidants to prevent cell damage from free radicals.
  4. High in Lycopene. This antioxidant provides the red color to plant foods such as tomatoes and watermelon and is linked to many health benefits.
  5. High in Cucurbitacin that provides anti-inflammatory benefits. 
  6. High in lycopene and beneficial for anti-cancer support.
  7. Studies suggest that lycopene may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. 
  8. Watermelon may help lower inflammation throughout the body due to lycopene and vitamin C.
  9. Contains Citrulline, an amino acid that may reduce muscle soreness. 
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